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Online Consultation survey results

Please find results and responses of our recent Online Consultation survey below

You can also download these survey results here and the comments received here.

Question 1

How satisfied are you with your experience of the Online Consultancy Service?

883 responses:

Very satisfied – 54.70%
Somewhat satisfied – 20.61%
Neither satisfied or dissatisfied – 9.74%
Somewhat dissatisfied – 8.15%
Very dissatisfied – 7.13%

how satisfied are you with your experience of the online consultation service - response graph image

Question 2

Does the service meet your needs in being clear and patient friendly, providing step by step guidance?

866 responses:

Yes – 81.18%
No – 18.82%

did the service meet your needs in being clear and providing step by step guidance - response graph image

Question 3

How satisfied are you with the availability of the service?

868 responses:

Satisfied – 79.49%
Dissatisfied – 20.62%

how satisified are you with the availability of the service? - response graph image

Question 4

How satisfied are you with the response time of “within 2 working days”?

865 responses:

Satisfied – 78.15%
Dissatisfied – 21.85%

how satisfied are you with the response time of 2 working days - response graph image

Question 5

Please give your ideas of ways in which we could improve the service

Survey Monkey – Most Frequent Comments/Questions Received

Why can’t we have longer appointment times?

The BMA (British Medical Association) recently issued guidance around appointment time and duration. We all know the immense pressures facing the NHS and the unprecedented demand we currently are seeing in General Practice and also in the hospitals. Put quite simply we cannot meet the demands as the workforce is not increasing at the same rate as the demand is. The BMA (British Medical Association) recently came out with some advice for GP’s regarding the length of time per appointment. They strongly encouraged that we move towards 15minute appointments, however, this would then mean there is a significant loss of appointments from the week. It’s a difficult balance to make between appointment time versus safer working conditions for all involved. As a halfway house at the moment, we have moved towards a 2-minute increase per appointment on average to try and move towards safer practice.,harm%20to%20patients%20and%20clinicians.

Why can’t we choose the doctor we see?

When we receive an online request, if it is a routine appointment and a specific doctor has been specified, then this is always considered and we try to accommodate. The only time this is not done is if the request is for an urgent appointment on the same day and the preferred doctor is not available. We feel there could be harm in delaying your care by waiting for your preferred clinician.

The system is not easy to navigate.

Please see the guide below. Use Ctrl and click to activate.

Why aren’t there more face-to-face appointments?

We do offer face-to-face appointments and always have. However, some patients prefer telephone appointment as it complements their lifestyle better. If the request specifies face-to-face, we always try to accommodate.

Why does the system indicate a response within 2 days?

Whilst we say that, we try to respond on the day we receive the request as there is a dedicated doctor monitoring all requests daily.

 Why don’t we have more male GP’s?

We appreciate balancing the workforce provides better choice for patients. We are trying to recruit more GP’s and are hoping to appoint an additional male GP.

Can patients receive an acknowledgement text when submitting an online request?

When patients submit a patient triage request successfully, they should receive a confirmation SMS message if they go through the mobile number verification step. When patients submit their personal details at the last step of the flow, they can choose to submit and confirm a mobile number. Doing this will mean they receive a confirmation message.