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Practice policies

Benzodiazepines policy

Kenmore Medical Centre Policy on benzodiazepines and related medication for fear of flying, dental work, scan or other investigations Background Benzodiazepines (e.g. diazepam, zopiclone, temazepam, clonazepam) have been around since ... [continue] Benzodiazepines policy

Network, Internet and Email Policy

Please read the Kenmore Network, Internet and Email Policy below or download a copy. 1. Introduction Kenmore Medical Centre as an organisation is committed to the use of information technology ... [continue] Network, Internet and Email Policy

Urgent prescription request policy

We experience a large volume of requests for prescription every day. In order to safely and efficiently carry this out we would like to make a policy of issuing acute ... [continue] Urgent prescription request policy

Zero Tolerance Policy

Abusive or Violent Behaviour Please note that Kenmore Medical Centre operates a “Zero Tolerance” policy and will not tolerate any patients who commit an act of violence or abusive or ... [continue] Zero Tolerance Policy

Prescribing Policy for Patients Travelling Abroad

This policy outlines the procedure for patients travelling abroad for short and long periods of time. NHS Policy By law, the NHS ceases to have responsibility for the medical care ... [continue] Prescribing Policy for Patients Travelling Abroad

Date published: 21st December, 2022
Date last updated: 21st December, 2022