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Online Consulting

Why use Online Consulting?

Normally when trying to make an appointment wth your GP, the first battle is waiting on the phone lines and waiting in a queue. Sometimes this results in lengthy waits and other times it can result in the phone being cut off just as you were about to get to ‘caller number 1’. Once you finally get through, you are often asked what the reason for the appointment is and then offered an appointment if one is available. What online consulting does, is allows for faster information to be collated, in a more timely fashion, often resulting in more information being gathered and at a time convenient to yourself.

Now imagine you have the kids drop off in the morning, your work schedule means you often are not available to grab your phone at 8am sharp, something crops up during the day and you feel you need your GP’s advice. Online consulting allows you the flexibility to seek healthcare in a flexible manner which fits in with you and your lifestyle and is not bound by a lottery luck of who gets on the phone lines fast enough. There is no short cuts to getting an appointment. Every request is seen by a clinician and the appropriate care is given accordingly.

We know this is a big change, we understand change is scary and daunting at times. But if COVID has taught us one thing, it has taught us that we can adapt. At a time when the demand for GP appointment is at a record high, with fewer doctors per 1000 patients. The UK has the second lowest number of doctors in leading European nations relative to its population. On average there are 2.8 per 1000 patients. Compare this to Qatar (the world’s leading number of doctors per 1000 patients) which is 7.74. We have a huge problem in our workforce. Staff retention is at an all-time low and the number of GP’s is at an all time low. Something must change to try and allow us to provide the best and safest healthcare we possibly can.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible
  • Convenient
  • The right person for the right problem
  • No more waiting on telephone queues

How to use the Online Consulting service

Patients can complete the Online Consulting Form online via our website. All enquires will be read by a clinician and are then directed to the right appointment resulting in the most appropriate outcome.

You can find more information on how to use the Online Consulting service by visiting the AccuRx website.

The following options appear on the form:

I have an admin query

Contact us about a fit (sick) note, ask about recent tests, get a repeat prescription, or anything else admin related.

I want help for a medical issue – use this for appointment requests

Contact us about a new or ongoing symptom

  • for non urgent medical issues.

I want to see online advice

See advice and guidance on conditions, symptoms and treatments.

If you decide you want to manage your condition without contacting Kenmore Medical Centre, our Online Consulting System can guide you towards trusted medical advice as well as relevant local services, such as pharmacy support, which may be more appropriate than visiting the surgery.

Uploading Images

Uploading images can be very useful. However, please do not upload pictures of intimate areas as they can be illegal to process. We would prefer to offer a face to face appointment for examination in these cases.


Our Online Consulting System should not be used for emergencies.

Check it’s not an emergency

Call 111 or 999 for urgent medical help if you have any of these as your request will not be seen immediately.

Please do not use if you have any of these:

  • Crushing chest pain and tightness
  • New drooping on one side of the face, slurred speech, difficulty raising your arms, weakness or numbness on one side of your body
  • Severe difficulty breathing
  • Heavy bleeding that won’t stop
  • Severe injuries
  • Feeling suicidal, wanting to harm yourself, or others



Date published: 12th April, 2022
Date last updated: 20th February, 2023