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Patient workshops

We are pleased to confirm the dates and sessions for the workshops to be held at the Wilmslow Guild 2-4pm.

Sept 14th – Wellness web-relaxation/yoga/mindfulness

A relaxing mindfulness session to balance the nervous system and bring a sense of calm.

An introduction to:

  • Gentle, accessible yoga for mindful movement
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation for relaxation & clarity
  • Yoga Nidra – Deep Rest meditation
  • Sound Healing

Mindfulness practices are designed to quieten the mind and bring you more to the present moment. All of these practices can provide great support to those suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. However, everyone can benefit from the improved sense of well-being, to their physical, mental, and emotional health. There will also be time at the end of the session, should you wish to stay for a cup of tea, a chat and further info / advice.

Oct 12th – Menopause expert group

Session to include info about menopause and…..

  • Symptoms
  • Nutrition
  • mental health and psychology
  • General health
  • Can book a health check with Stephie
  • Q & A and time for people to share experiences.

Nov 16th – Mentell/mens mental health

Session to discuss

  • men’s mental health/suicide
  • Mentell and what they offer/group launching in Wilmslow
  • a male participant to talk about experiences of peer support.
  • Q and A/share experiences

Dec 7th – Healthy lifestyles/Cheshire One You

A general introduction to Cheshire one you.

Separate stations for experts to provide info on.

  • Smoking cessationWeight management
  • Exercise
  • Falls prevention/stand strong programme
  • BMI/scales and measurement machine that people can use.