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Prepare for Ear Syringing

Please ensure prior to syringing olive oil has been instilled into the canal up to 3 times per day for at least 3 days.

Please be aware that there is a small risk of a perforated ear drum during this procedure.

You could experience dizziness straight after the procedure. Please ensure this has settled before leaving the surgery.

Following syringing there is an increased risk of infection now the protective wax has been removed. To try to avoid this keep the ear as dry as possible.

Please keep ears dry for 48 hours post syringing.

Put hearing aids in to safely get home, then remove to allow ear canals to settle down & dry.

Ensure hearing aids are cleaned and free of any wax or wax softener.

Never use cotton buds in ears. Dry ears with tissue or towel by placing near canal but not down it.

If any sign of infection such as soreness / pain / discomfort or discharge then please return for review.

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