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Flu vaccinations 2021

Flu Vaccinations 2021

We will soon be able to start offering our patients their annual flu vaccination.

For our patients aged over 65

We have ordered 3000 flu vaccines suitable for our patients aged 65 years and over – we should have plenty of vaccines for everybody who wants one in this age group.

You can of course decide to have your vaccine elsewhere, for example at a local pharmacy – this is entirely your choice.

We would ask you to be aware that we order flu vaccines 12 months in advanced and any that are not used have to be thrown away, so to avoid unnecessary waste the order is placed based on the number of patients having the vaccine with us in the current year. Please be aware that if you do decide to have your flu vaccine at a pharmacy this year we will not order a vaccine for you next year, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we will turn you away next year but it does mean you will have to wait to see if we have any spare vaccines at the end of the vaccination clinics.

For our patients aged under 65 years and at risk

The influenza vaccine for patients aged under 65 years and at risk will not be available to us until the middle of October but please be assured that we will arrange these vaccination clinics as soon as we have firm delivery dates.

For patients aged 50 – 64 years

This year NHS England have asked us to vaccinate all patients aged 50 – 64 years. There is limited supply of these vaccines and whilst we will endeavour to vaccinate all patients in this age group that want the vaccine it would be wise to consider seeking this from a local pharmacy as we will not have enough vaccine for everybody unless the Government makes more vaccines available, as they did last year. We will keep patients updated as this situation changes. This is a different vaccine to the one for the over 65 year olds.

Covid Vaccination Boosters

Please be aware that GP Surgeries in this area will not be carrying out Covid vaccination boosters. We are all very disappointed at having to make this decision but we felt a moral obligation to concentrate on delivering vital GP care which cannot be provided elsewhere whereas the booster vaccine can be delivered by others, e.g. pharmacies and mass vaccination centres. Information on how to access a booster will be provided on our website when NHS England gives us more information.

All patients attending for flu vaccination

Please ensure

  • Your arrive on time, but not early, to avoid creating queues
  • You must wear a face covering
  • Wear light clothes to help us process patients efficiently
  • Respect social distancing at all times
  • You will be seen singularly, please try to come alone if possible however if you do need a Carer this will be acceptable

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, have a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste DO NOT ATTEND YOUR APPOINTMENT

We hope this explanation is clear and thank you for your understanding and co-operation during these difficult times.

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